101 Denny Way in Seattle

Photo of 101 Denny Way in Seattle, Washington
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
Photo of 101 Denny Way in Seattle, Washington
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
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101 Denny Way
Also known as:3024 First Avenue
Formerly:Artcraft Cleaners Building

101 Denny Way, Seattle, Washington, Belltown 98109
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Aside from its shape, this building doesn't look much like it did when it was first built, but with a little imagination, you can picture it as it once was.

This was a very busy street corner in early Seattle history, as many streetcars convirged on this intersection. This was the transition zone from residential Queen Anne to the retail and light industrial corridor that would become Belltown, and the gateway to downtown Seattle's bustling
center. This building was erected to take advantage of people transferring, and in its early years housed a laundry.

It formerly had a stone cornice, similar to those on other buildings in the neighborhood, but it has been removed. Also, note its unusual height for a one-story building. This is because there used to be a long row of windows stretching the length of the building, providing light and
ventalation in an era when the mechanical forms of such things were still at a premium.

According to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, this building may have at one time been used as a fraternal lodge, as it was erected for the Grand Lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workmen of Washington.

Quick Facts
  • Construction finish: 1926
  • Renovated: 1968
  • Type: Retail
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