104 Denny Way in Seattle

Photo of 104 Denny Way in Seattle, Washington
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
Photo of 104 Denny Way in Seattle, Washington
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
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104 Denny Way
Also known as:100 Denny Way

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Although to the casual observer, this building doesn't look like much, it is considered one of the historic gems of the Queen Anne neighborhood. Not because of its aesthetics, but because it has changed so very little over the decades.

Like so many similar buildings of its time, this one was erected with a utilitarian purpose: to house several retail stores to serve neighborhood residents. Hundreds of similar buildings were erected in cities across the Northwest, but many of them have since been changed, altered, or even
entirely demolished. This one, however, retains its original form and features, from its parapets to its display windows.

Look for the row of windows above the huge display windows, which let natural light deep into the stores. Also notice the decorative brickwork, which helps provide a visual divider within the structural bays of the building.

Unfortunately, at least two of the parapets are gone, having tumbled from the building. But their spirit lives on in the metal approximations that replace them.

Quick Facts
  • Construction finish: 1926
  • Renovated: 1980
  • Type: Retail
  • Stories: 1
  • Maximum Height: 14
  • Floor space: 10,050 square feet
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