2103 Third Avenue in Seattle

Photo of 2103 Third Avenue in Seattle, Washington
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
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2103 Third Avenue
Also known as:Sig's Barber Shop
Formerly:Goodwin's Texaco

2103 Third Avenue, Seattle, Washington, Belltown 98121
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As the fabric of a city changes, unexpected things arise. Amid the shining glass and freshly pointed brick, sometimes there are echoes of the past that manage to hold on and being a piece of urban history to present day. Architectural weeds, for lack of a better term.

The building at 2101 Third Avenue is one of those places. It was originally a gas station, built back when gas stations were called "service" stations, and were not considered ugly or dirty. They were part of a neighborhood's fabric, and in the early days of motorized travel sat side-by-side with homes, grocery stores, and schools.

This place was originally opened by Sara Goodwin as Goodwin's Texaco. Though gas is no longer on offer here, it is still a place where one can have car repairs done in the original 1926 garage bays. The service station's office has been converted into a barber shop, but the exterior of the building retains the Mediterranean design it inherited from its neighbors.

Quick Facts
  • Developer: Sara E. Goodwin
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