Pacific Northwest Architecture

The Daniels Recital Hall

Formerly known as Seattle First United Methodist Church
First Methodist Episcopal Church
811 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, Washington
Basic Information
Designed by James Schack and Daniel Huntington
Cost $205,000
Type Entertainment Venue
More Information
  • May 9, 1996: The Washington State Supreme Court blocked an attempt by the Seattle Landmarks Board to designate First United Methodist Church a landmark. The church actually sued to have the designation blocked arguing that it would abridge its right to free exercise of religion. It turned out that the church had hired a real estate developer to look at future possibilities for the church site, including demolition of the church.
  • July, 2008: The 1950's annex is torn down to make way for a new skyscraper. In doing so it was revealed that the church sustained considerable damage from earthquakes and needed of repair. The skyscraper project was put on hold until the church could be taken care of.
  • Mid-2008: The congregation moved out of this building to a temporary facility at 190 Queen Anne Avenue North until its new building at Second and Denny could be completed.