Pacific Northwest Architecture

Smith Tower

Formerly known as L.C. Smith Building
506 Second Avenue
Seattle, Washington
Basic Information
Designed by Gaggin and Gaggin
Cost $1,000,000.00
Type Skyscraper
Floors: 42
Maximum height 522 feet/157 meters
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square
More Information
  • The Smith Tower is named for Lyman C. Smith, who is the "Smith" in Smith Corona typewriters. He did not live to see his tower's completion.
  • The Smith Tower has 2,314 windows. The window frames are brass.
  • The tower's windows can be opened.
  • The tower rests on 1,276 concrete pilings.
  • There is one apartment in the building. It is in the area from the 37th floor and higher. This was originally the caretaker's apartment and a water tank.
  • 4 July, 1914: Smith Tower opens to the public.
  • 1976: The Smith Tower is washed for the first time. Its white terra cotta exterior has proven remarkably resistant to dirt.
  • 2000: The tower gets a US$28,000,000.00 facelift.
  • July, 2007: This building is sold for $47 million.
  • August, 2007: The Pioneer Square Preservation Board approves a plan to turn the building from offices into condominiums.